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Melody Hot to Rock (L) "Thor"
Jemster Dobermans & Dalmatians

Coming to Jemster Dobermans & Dalmatians in May 2004....

Melody Hot to Rock "Thor"
Ch. Melody Rock My World X Ch. Melody Pipin Hot (L)

"Thor" is an energetic, huggable liver male born on August 17, 2003. He was out of a littler of eleven puppies and one of three show pups available when I checked out the breeder's site in March of 2004. I had spoken to the breeder, Beth White, a few times both through e-mail and over the phone, about possibly getting a show puppy from a litter she bred.
Originally from the Doberman world where show potential pups are normally $1,000 - $1,500 I thought I didn't have the resources available to get a pup out of this litter so I put it out of my mind and moved on. Later, while casually flipping through the site, I saw the pups available. I had my heart set on a female and there was only one still unsold, a gorgeous open marked bitch named Macy. 
I e-mailed Beth commenting on how lovely she was. While thinking about it a few days later I decided to inquire on purchasing Macy. Beth responded by telling me that the person who had wanted her first, and then decided against it, wanted her once more. Jokingly, Beth asked me if I was interested in a fun liver male that she had. Since I already have a male Dalmatian, Riley, I was hesitant about bringing another male into the house. When we spoke on the phone a few days later she let me know that the person was once again unsure about getting Macy and wanted to know if I had the choice between Thor and Macy which one would I prefer? After speaking at length about the two puppies it was determined that Thor's personality would actually suit me best.  As it turns out, Macy will be going to her new owner in Maryland after the National so it seems to have worked out wonderfully for everyone involved. :-)
He will be coming to live with us after the Dalmatian Club of America's National specalty, which is held from May 3-5 in Lawrence, Kansas. We can't wait!!